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What happens if your network is down and no one is looking after the support issue?

You lose productivity ....
prolong downtime ....
affect employee morale ....
mentally caught unprepared ....
and miss business opportunities.

Organizations must have the ability to identify and understand the critical of maintenance support so as to enhance their competitive positions. But because of the hidden complexity of today's network infrastructure, many organizations have found maintaining their existing network to be a painful barrier to acquiring needed technologies as well as resources when problem arise.

A Common Mistake
Many organizations believe their network or server will not fail so easily as such precaution is always classified as not necessary. As a result, all services needed are base on per-call basis. Per-call basis services is costly both in the downtime it takes the network or server back to normal and in the hourly cost charge by the vendor if the engineer are not familiar with the environment. But cost is not the only problem:
  • Response time is always an issue when problems arise - vendors will only response upon confirmation of service quote that might be at least a day and subject to engineer availability.
  • User frustration due to lost of service and use of system that in turn reduced user productivity.
  • Because individuals with varying degrees of expertise and unfamiliar with the environment, efficiency visit various workstations, controlling timelines and costs are difficult, if not impossible.
Before you make a decision regarding whether you need a Corporate Management Maintenance (CMM) or Standard Comprehensive Maintenance (SCM), ask yourself these questions:
  • How important is it to you to ensure minimum network or server downtime?
  • Does your staff have the expertise to consistently support the entire network when problem arise?
  • Can you afford to loss data information due to such disaster or error made by an unfamiliar engineer?
  • What is the best use of your staff's time and expertise?

Advanetwork ensure rectification success by using only certified and environment aware engineer who is assigned only to your esteem organization. By assigning specific engineer to your organization, not only will he be able to solve your IT issue in the shortest possible time but also serve as internal consultant to provide valuable advice on your infrastructure.

With a combination of proprietary and packaged management and a unique, proven methodology, our Corporate Management Maintenance provide highest service quality, more predictable, more consistent support in a fraction of the time, compared to per-call basis services.

Advanetwork is Unique
What makes Advanetwork's Corporate Management Maintenance Services so unique?
  • We invest time upfront to study your organization network environment before we ever appoint engineer to take over. Because we do our studies, the actual handover is surprisingly smooth.
  • Assigned fix engineer who is familiar with the environment to reduce user from explaining their issue or needs all over again.
  • Comprehensive Server Health Management ensures that the server is healthy and more predictable.
  • Remote Management Services is another service that help to reduce downtime by providing support remotely using PCAnywhere, NetSupport, CarbonCopy, Remote Desktop and so on.
  • Remote alert is also implemented on all critical machines to ensure early detection of problems. In today complex network, it is difficult to notice a service failure or malfunction without some software assistant.
  • Rapid response on site within promised time frame with right engineer to resolve the actual problems.
  • Web base report and status. Allow you to have your services status and report anytime you need it.
  • You retain full control. Your vision drives every aspect of the support to be provided. You set the expectations and standard. You know the cost upfront.
  • You can focus your resources on more strategic initiatives, instead of struggling with the challenges of IT staff shortages or lack of neccessary expertise.

This brief overview just touches on the highlights. For more in-depth information and service details, call us today. We'll be happy to discuss your specific needs and show you the strategic benefits of Advanetwork's Coporate Management Maintenance Services.


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When you decided to invest in the quality and versatility of Corporate Management Maintenance, call on Advanetwork Technology Pte Ltd. Our unmatched engineer expertise, proven methodologies and feasibility ensure rapid resolution, consistent, fixed-cost maintenance support throughout your enterprise.

Here are some of the maintenance plan we offer:

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