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What happens if your network isn't properly implemented?

You lose productivity ....
increase investment & support costs....
network inconsistency....
and miss business opportunities.

Organizations must have the ability to identify and balance between cost trimming and selecting the right vendor for their network implementation in order to improve their competitive positions. But because of the difficulties in identifying the right vendor, many organization unconsciously focus on cost instead of services as their yardstick.

Before you make a decision regarding who you want to award the network implementation services to, ask yourself these questions:
  • How important is it to you to ensure successful, consistent, punctual infrastructure implementation for your organization.
  • Do you justify infrastructure implementation as an investment or expenses?
  • What is the goal you expect to achieve from this implementation?
  • Does your staff have the expertise to support an inconsistent network later on when a project have handover.
  • Can you afford to miss a project completion date or go over budget?
  • What is the best use of your staff's time and expertise?
Advanetwork ensures implementation success by providing organization the right engineers for the right tasks. Furthermore, a project management with schedule is tightly followed to enhance co-ordination and smooth workflow.

With a combination of total coverage and an unique, proven methodology, our Infrastructure Implementation Services (IIS) provide higher quality, more predictable, more consistent network and server implementation at the end of the project handover, compared to other service provider.

What makes Advanetwork's Infrastructure Implementation Services so unique?
  • We invest time upfront planning, designing, testing, refining and perfecting a network in our labs before it's ever implemented in your organization. Because we do our homework, the actual rollout is surprisingly rapid - sometimes in a day or less.
  • Majority of the implementation and testing is completed off-site - not in your production environment - so there is minimal tisk of disruption or downtime to your business.
  • Network and Directory Structure is part of the project implementation and consultation provide to organization. Base on our proven successful methodology , you can ensure that all implementation is practical and productive.
  • Comprehensive testing ensures that all network issues are resolved, inconsistencies are corrected and compatibility problems are overcome.
  • You retain full control. Your vision drives every aspect of the project. You set the expectations. You know the cost upfront.
  • You can focus your resources within promised time frame with right engineer to resolve the actual problems.
  • Web base report and status on more strategic initiatives, instead of struggling with the challenges of IT staff shortages or lack of necessary expertise.
  • A project handover walk through with your staff to ensure a proper and complete understanding of the new infrastructure as well as officially handover the project.
  • Onsite engineer standby will be arranged to answer queries from users.
The Advanetwork Process
Upon confirmation of project, Advanetwork will take over the project management task by arranging the first meeting for data collection. Advanetwork engineers will then analyze a directory structure best suit your environment, customized and tested before rollout. In most cases, the implementation involved these steps:
  1. The network infrastructure DNA of your organization will be planned in-house after data collection.
  2. An actual site survey will be carried out by our project manager to eliminate any unnecessary hidden issues such as cabling termination, server location, environmental requirement and so on.
  3. Customer will be informed on the project progress status as it goes along.
  4. On the day of implementation, Advanetwork engineers will be on-site to rollout the project with minimum interrupt.
  5. Upon project completion, Advanetwork project manager will walk through with you on the network implementation and handover the project with a documentation. Finally, an engineer will be assigned on the next working day to answer any staff queries.

This brief overview just touches on the highlights. For more in-depth information and service details, call us today. We'll be happy to discuss your specific needs and show you the strategic benefits of Advanetwork's Infrastructure Implementation Services.


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Advanetwork's Maintenance Services offer ongoing maintenance management for your entire organization at a reasonable fee yearly. Our Corporate Management Maintenance is an unlimited service package which allow you to off-load your IT support all year round.

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