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We build the Difference!
We believe cost efficiency and best value for our client when providing our solution. One thing we have learnt in serving the people in small business, is that we should design our solution base on client infrastructure needs and not with any inferior lesser-quality products or services.

Our business infrastructure solution helps client to achieve the following:

  • Building new office infrastructure
  • Improve infrastructure ROI
  • Achieving higher performance
  • Achieving higher resilient & redundancy
  • Customize infrastructure

Building New Office Infrastructure

Are you setting up a new office? Are you looking for solution to expand your businesses? Are you looking for company to coordinate new infrastructure with your head quarter?

We design and implement infrastructure solution for newly setup company. Right planning and strong foundation is the key to rock solid infrastructure, this allow company to start their business in time and enjoy less problematic issue.

We are experience in providing the necessary technical and engineering coordination and consultation for the local office to set up any new infrastructure with client's HQ.

Improve Infrastructure ROI

Are you paying for components that you don't need? Are you looking for solution to reduce traveling expenses? Have you ever think of reducing your IDD bill?

We are able to provide solution to reduce your costs and improve your ROI. With the right solution and technology, company are able to reduce unnecessary expenses and improve productivity. Here are some cost effective infrastructure solutions that we have implemented - VoIP solution, Virualization solution, Video Conferencing solution, Wireless solution and so on.

Achieving Higher Performance

Are you facing with performance issue? Are you looking for solution to improve storage or bandwidth performance?

We help to evaluate and understand client requirement before proceed with solution research in term of cost effectiveness, performance and feasibility. We provide company with storage solution, bandwidth solution and so on. Here are some enhancement solutions that we have implemented - such as Managed GigaBit Switch solution, Trunking Solution, Network Storage Solution, Load-Balancing Solution and so on.

Achieving Higher Resilient & Redundancy

Are you looking for solution to enhance server redundancy? Are you looking for solution to load balance and fail over for your network? Are you looking for solution to enhance your network uptime?

We are able to provide solution to reduce your environment downtime as well as single point of failure. We provide engineer to data collect and design solution for resiliency and improve uptime. Here are some solutions that we have implemented - Wan Load-Balance Solution, Wan Fail-Over Solution, File Server Clustering Solution, AD Server Redanduncy Solution, RAID Solution and so on.

Customize Infrastructure

Are you setting up infrastructure that are not available in the market yet? Are you looking for solution that is other than office infrastructure? Are you looking for idea to set up some special requirement environment?

We provide consultation, design, feasibility study and implementation for client specific environment requirement. We provide engineer to data gather and study client's requirement before we start our design for the customer. So far, we have implemented - Remote Video Surveillance Solution, Anti-Dust Industrial PC solution and so on.


Request a free consultation!

Our team of after sale support.
lt is important for company to look into after sale support for their solution. That is why we invest our focus on the right engineer.

Our engineer are trained with the right softskill such as user interaction, able to deal and communicate with difficult user as well as able to work as a team.

We believe engineer communication skillset has to come before technical. Technical skill can be trained but not softskill.

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