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It is important for a company to have a flexible and systematic process to be in place. At the same time, such process has to be reviewed from time to time to meet the fast changing technology and environment needs.

In Advanetwork Technology Pte Ltd, we understand the essential of such process and that is why our people are always trained to follow our process to ensure clients received nothing but the best service.

Meet - Depending on our clients requirement, we would prefer to have a face to face meet up and discuss the requirement in details. This will allow us to fully comprehend our clients through a complete conversation with body language.

Listen - The next step in our process is to listen very carefully to a potential client's requirements. We then determine whether what we have to offer represents a good fit with those requirements. Whilst we aim to help whenever we can, there may be occasions on which the fit is not right, in which case we will do our best to recommend alternatives.

Understand - We strongly believe that we can only deliver on our committment to provide good services by reaching a clear and detailed understanding of a client's current IT environment and requirement. At the same time, to have client's understand in detail the type of services they are expecting from us.

Acceptance - If our recommendations are accepted, we will forward the clients an agreement for their approval. Depending on the package type, this agreement allows the client to determine at the outset how Advanetwork Technology Pte Ltd is to be paid for the services provided. In most cases, the client will be able to choose from monthly, quarterly, half yearly or even yearly payment scheme.

Visit - In keeping with our focus on a long-term relationship, we visit all clients on a regular basis to ensure that all clients receive updates as well as provide a path for them to feedback on our service.

As a service company, we understand that we should always accept feedback and change whenever necessary to provide our clients the best experience they expected to have with us.


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Our Philosophy

With a systematic process to smoothly run the business is not quite enough, we need to have the right philiosophy and passion toward our service.

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